Diploma in Law (MSU)

Diploma in Law (MSU)

The focus of the program is to provide participants with the requisite knowledge, skills and study of the law. The Programme will run for at least (24) months full time, during which period participants shall be taken through court procedures, applicable laws, principles of business communication, office management, records management, financial management and customer care. Paralegal staffs are required to carry out duties that
include office administration and court work, which duties must be carried out in line with the vision, mission and values of the Department of Justice Administration. This, therefore, calls for technical knowledge in court work, and skills in office management and customer care. A deep knowledge of various legal subjects in law ia also required and our Programme is structured to achieve that.

Certificate in Law

Level 1 - 1st Semester

Level 1 - 2nd Semester

Level 2 -1st Semester

Level 2 - 2nd Semester

Duration: 2 years
Registration Fee: P150.00
Deposit: P1,100.00
P1,100.00 * 23 months
Total Tuition: P26,400.00
Mid Semester Fee: P100 per subject
Final Exam Fee: P650.00 per subject

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