Alumni Association

Alumni Association

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Our former students may now be working in different positions, doing great things for the community, and thus effectively contributing to Botswana’s economy. Alumni Association is a wonderful idea because it fosters great opportunity for:

– Networking with people in the same as well as different professions, and for sharing valuable information;

– Re-connecting with friends that they once had on campus, exchanging their after-school as well as workplace experience with others, and staying connected with others;

– Strengthening their bond with GUC, and serving as its advocates and ambassadors;

– Nominating (self or a friend) for Community Service Awards that GUC may decide to bestow upon an eligible alumnus in future;

– Continuing your relationship with the Alma Mater although your years at GUC as a student have come to an end; and

– GUC to receive valuable feedback from alumni on course content and its delivery based on their after-school experience which will enable GUC produce quality graduates in the future.

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