Vision, Mission & Values


To be a leading centre of higher education, and technical and vocational training in diverse fields for achieving sustainable human, and socio-economic development of all people in Botswana, the region and the world.


GUC will provide  broad access to research-informed, world-class innovative and flexible education and training in nationally responsive and globally relevant fields to advance the Nation’s vibrant innovation- and knowledge-based economy with a regional and international perspective.


To achieve its vision and fulfill its mission, GUC will serve with academic excellence, equity, social responsibility, integrity, public accountability, compassion, openness, respect for divergent views, and total professionalism.

Our Motto: "Pro Deo et Patria"
(For God and Country)

    Serving God and one’s fellow countrymen is the clarion call every student subscribes to.

To achieve this noble aim, we focus on the integral development of every student into a whole person with a view to shaping them to be morally and spiritually responsible citizens who are competent as well as willing to participate in the development of the national economy and the uplift of the living standards of their fellow countrymen.

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