Advanced Diploma in Criminology (MSU)
Advanced Diploma

Advanced Diploma in Criminology (MSU)

This qualification will provide expert knowledge to enable learners to deal effectively with crime, conflict and victimization in the social and economic spheres.

Level 1 - 1st Semester

Level 1 - 2nd Semester

Level 2 -1st Semester

Level 2 - 2nd Semester

Duration: 2 years
Registration Fee: P150.00

Deposit: P1,100.00
P1,100.00 * 23 months

Total Tuition: P26,400.00

Mid Semester Fee: P100 per subject
Final Exam Fee: P650.00 per subject

Phone: +267 3185596
Fax: +267 3186018
Broadhurst Industrial
Lot 6398, Lejara Road