Certificate in Law (GUC)

Certificate in Law (GUC)

The certificate in law introduces the student to basic concepts of law, its role in society and types of laws governing Botswana. Its focus on the legal systems and constitution put in place to regulate the law. Its exposes the student to concepts of public law,  private law, international law and other spheres and sources of law.

Semester 1 (6 months)

Semester 2 (6 months)

Duration: 12 months
Registration Fee: P150.00
Deposit: P700.00
P700 * 11
Total Tuition: P8,400.00
Exam Fee: P250.00 per subject

Phone: +267 3185596
Fax: +267 3186018
Broadhurst Industrial
Lot 6398, Lejara Road